Home Pantry Workouts

Spice up your home workout routine with these kitchen tips.

Soup Can Pushups:
Use soup cans to add a lift to your traditional pushup. Maintain a straight back and grip
the soup cans with an open palm. Push-up!

Juice Gallon Front-Raises:
Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
Grip juice bottles firmly and raise arms to a
90° angle, with elbows slightly bent.
For heavier weight, try using extra-pulp!

Juice Gallon Lateral Raises:
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
Keep back straight, shoulders down, and lift arms slowly till parallel with floor, elbows
still slightly bent. Lower slowly and repeat.

Juice Gallon Forearm Holds:
Grip gallons with a firm hold and raise slowly till parallel to floor. Don’t lock elbows.
Hold here and feel the burn for as long as
you can tolerate! Repeat.

Water Bottle Squats:
Bodyweight squat with the addition of a 24-pack of waterbottles held above shoulders for extra weight. Feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly rotated outwards. Tighten core and squat down deeply till hips are just lower than knees.

Rice Bag Crunches:
Classic core workout, accentuated by a 5-10lb bag of rice, held firmly at chest level.
Maintain a firm core, straight back and neck. Try sets of 10-15 reps! No pain, no grain…

Water Bottle Curls:
Grip 24-pack of waters firmly, tighten core and straighten back. Slightly bend knees, and curl both arms upward. Repeat in sets, as comfortable.

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